• Superintendent's Reading Honor Roll

    RHR.jpg Every student who reads between 20 and 40 books this school year, depending on your grade level, and completes a copy of the Reading Honor Roll log will become a member of the 2015-16 Superintendent's Reading Honor Roll. With this honor, you will receive a certificate from the Superintendent and the honor of having your name included among other students who complete the challenge.

    Follow these simple steps to participate in the Superintendent's Reading Honor Roll:

    • Ask your teacher or library media specialist how many books are required for your grade level.
    • Ask a parent to read the letter in the link below and approve your participation in the program.
    • Select the first book you want to read. If you need help selecting a book, ask your library media specialist for assistance.
    • Record the book title on the reading log and have a parent or teacher initial the log to verify that you have read the book. At the upper-grade levels, digital records may also document your reading.
    • After finishing one book, select the next and follow the same steps outlined above.
    • After you have read your required number of books, turn in the completed reading log to your teacher or library media specialist.
    • Your reading log must be turned in no later than May 4, 2016.
    • Your Superintendent's Reading Honor Roll certificate will be sent to you at school in May.
    • Number of books that need to be read at each grade level: K - 1 = 40, 2 - 3 = 30, 4 - 5 = 20, 6 - 12 = 20