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Guidance Announcements & Scholarships


To see the College and Scholarship Information Sheet, click on the following link: Scholarship Opportunities.

To see available scholarships at, click on the following link:


Middle School Testing Dates

Parent-Student IGP Letter

  • Each year, our guidance counselor takes time to meet with students and parents to conduct each student's individual graduation plan. Please take time to review the Parent-Student IGP letter linked below to see important information about this process. 
  • Parent-Student IGP Letter

Senior Scholarship Information

Scholarship and College information is posted in our Senior Google Classroom.


Reminders for completing scholarship applications: Seniors MUST always go exactly by instructions for scholarships. They have to use a black or blue pen ONLY when completing applications by hand.  No pencils, red pens, etc.  Write/print carefully so applications can be read.  Seniors need to have their name and name of the school on any and all attachments in case the application and attachments get separated. When scholarships or college applications require a letter of recommendation, always ask the person well in advance that you would like to write that letter for you.  Don't wait until the due date to do this. Also, if you could furnish the person with a list of your extracurricular activities; school, community, clubs, awards received, etc. this will help them write a nice letter of recommendation for you.