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Family Parenting Night Dec. 11

Learn how to become a Less-Stressed and more Confident Parent. Achieve positive lasting change for a Happier Child who is more Respectful, more Responsible and better Prepared to Handle Life Both Now and Forever!


Join us at Loris Elementary School for

Family Parenting Night!

Presenter LeAnn Nickelson, M.Ed.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Loris Elementary School Multi-Purpose Room



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Are you interested in helping your child overcome obstacles and not become victims of experiences and environment? Do you want learn how to foster and build on your child’s strengths? If this is you, please sign up to come participate in an evening with LeAnn Nickelson, an author and a former teacher. She is an expert on brain research and is helping our school close the learning gaps in struggling students.

Each family that signs up will receive at least one pizza and 2 liter drink to take home for dinner and you will also receive a board game to give you and your family something to do together to make fun memories. Please fill out and return the bottom portion of this slip to indicate whether or not you will be able to attend.