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Virtual Roll Coll

All teachers will be completing a virtual roll call this week to ensure students are able to turn in e-Learning assignments.

If you need to turn in or pick up hard copy assignments or get support regarding technology you will have an opportunity to do this on Fridays by appointment only.

Parents, please call the school at 843-390-6800 press 1 to leave a message, to let us know you need to pick-up and/or drop-off of hard copy work. Please leave the students name and your phone number for us to call you back and schedule an appointment.

You may also pick up your child's device if you have not already done so and pay the $12 fee for device insurance and/or receive tech support. 

You will need to have a scheduled appointment for all of these items. During your visit, Parents will be asked to remain in their car in the front circle for assistance.