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Horry County Schools SAT composite surpasses the national average; test takers increase 33 percent

SAT results released for 2019 seniors show that Horry County Schools (HCS) continues to outpace the national average, even with an increase of 33 percent of students taking the test. 

The District’s composite for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (ERW) and Mathematics is 1044, five points above the national composite of 1039 and 23 points higher than the state composite of 1021. In the subtest of Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, HCS students had an average score of 532, which is eight points higher than the national average of 524 and is 11 points higher than the state average of 521. In Mathematics, HCS students had an average score of 512, which is three points lower than the national average of 515 and 12 points higher than the state average of 500.

Newly-released reports for 2019 include the first results of students who took the SAT during their third year of high school as an alternate to the ACT for state and federal accountability measures. Students were required to take one of these two tests as a measurement for college readiness, even if they did not plan to advance to higher education. Both tests were offered at no cost and were administered at school. Traditionally, SAT results reflected the performance of college-bound students who elected to take the test to meet college application requirements. Districtwide, the scores of 1,382 seniors were reported in 2019 SAT results, compared to scores of 1,046 seniors in 2018.

Five District schools have 2019 SAT composites that surpassed the national SAT composite. They are: The Academy for Arts, Science & Technology: 1196; Socastee High School: 1080; Aynor High School: 1069; North Myrtle Beach High School: 1063; and St. James High School, 1054.