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HCS Elementary Schools Achieve Remarkable Success in Summer Reading

Summer ReadCampFor the second year in a row, every HCS elementary school participated in READCamp, the virtual training camp for summer reading, hosted by NFL Super Bowl Champion and author Malcolm Mitchell through his youth literacy initiative Read with Malcolm. Mitchell served as the "Head Coach" for this training camp.

Over the summer, HCS students displayed remarkable dedication, tackling the learning loss typically experienced during the summer months. Of the 34,000 students participating in READCamp worldwide, 2,494 were HCS students. Of those, 1,341 qualified for the title of MVP by reading at least 12 books. Another 627 qualified for the title of Champion by reading at least eight books. Collectively, HCS students read an astonishing 28,755 books, a whopping 191% increase over last year, which shows HCS's ongoing commitment to promoting year-round reading.

"I could not be prouder of HCS students," stated Mitchell. "I challenged them to exceed last year's READCamp performance, which was already record-setting. In true HCS fashion, they exceeded expectations, delivering an extraordinary performance. Their unwavering commitment to literacy, from the schools, families, and communities, continues to amaze me. I eagerly anticipate HCS's performance in this year's READMarathon and READBowl. They are true reading champions and incredible partners to my organization."

Horry County Schools secured the top position for the second consecutive year, surpassing all school districts worldwide in terms of participation and logged books.

Moreover, Ocean Drive Elementary claims the #1 and #2 readers in the competition! Pre-K MVP Liesyl and First Grade MVP Leo collectively devoured hundreds of books, making them World Champions of Summer Reading. Impressively, 15 out of the Top 25 readers in the United States hailed from Horry County Schools.

Emma Thompson, the Library Media Specialist at Ocean Drive Elementary, shared her pride in Liesyl, Leo, all participating students, and the parents who encouraged their commitment to summer reading. She emphasized the importance of reading as a crucial skill for children's futures, enhancing academic performance and critical thinking skills. She says that READCamp, in particular, has proven to be a motivational force, inspiring students to read eagerly. and she has high hopes for their continued success during the upcoming READMarathon, which runs from October 10 through November 6.

HCS remains committed to nurturing a passion for reading and literacy, ensuring our students are well-prepared for bright futures.