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OBE has many winners at the Tech Fair!

OBE had a great day at the 10th Annual HCS Technology Fair. OBE had 50 project entries and 75 students presented innovative creative projects. Ten of our projects received recognition for first, second or third place. Wow! What an accomplishment for our school! In addition, two OBE Rubik’s Cube teams competed; one team took first place overall. In the individual Rubik’s Cube completion, OBE student, Eden Ngo took first place! Our FLL Robotics team took 4th place. Beth Fungaroli won again this year in the Teacher category and took third place in the district. The turnout was exceptional. We are so proud of our students and staff. A special thanks goes to Beth Fungaroli, Jennifer Stevens, Melissa Oleniczak and Pam Datlof for making these opportunities available to our students. We appreciate the support from our staff, families and community.  


Karrice  Horrocks 1st place 

Alexander Nicola, Jaslyn Livingston and Wyatt Turner 1st place

Sarah Hornberger 3rd place

Evelyn Holmes 1st place

Abigail Wood 1st place

Liam Small 3rd place

Mariah Joyner 1st place

Mason and Meade Plexouski 1st place

Zach Edwards 1st place

Mason Joyner 1st place

Ms. Fungaroli 3rd place


OBE Rubik’s Cube Team 1st place

Individual Rubik’s Cube, Eden Ngo 1st place

OBE FLL Robotics Team 4th Place