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Chromebook & Instrument Drop off and Locker Cleanout Information

Below is a link to the schedule for Chromebook drop off, instrument drop off, and locker cleanout.  The students are scheduled because we have to ensure social distancing.  We are hoping this is the best possible way to get this done.  We are kindly asking for your patience as we work through this.  We are also asking that you try your best to adhere to the scheduled  times.

The student and one parent may come into the building.  No other family member or friend may accompany the student.  Parents, please park in the parking lot, not in the drop off loop.

Students will enter through the cafeteria and will be directed where to go.  There may be some wait time in the cafeteria as students enter the building to drop off or clean out lockers.  We will have designated areas to wait.

Students can bring bags to help them carry items from their lockers.

We ask that students put textbooks and library books on the carts in each hallway.  We also ask that students take all items (other than textbooks and library books) home.

Students will exit the building in their respective hallways for the 6th and 7th grade and through the front door for the 8th grade.

Schedule for Locker Cleanout