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AAST STEM - Questions & Answers


Q: What if my child completed an application, but did not get a letter?

A: If you have a verification code, contact Rose Hardwick at 843-488-6766 for further assistance. If you do not have a verification code, then we have no record of your application.

Q: What is the selection process?

A: The STEM selection process consists of examining each student’s data (aptitude,current coursework, first term grades in coursework and interest) and placing them in a “rank” order based on that data.

Q: How many seats were available?

A: AAST STEM had 100 available seats.

Q: How many students applied?

A: We had 672 students to apply.

Q: How many students were accepted?

A: This year 147 students were mailed acceptance letters.

(We always accept more students than the allocated slots because we know some students will change their mind, some applied to multiple programs and will decide to accept another program, or some students may leave the area.)

Q: How does the wait list work?

A: After students return their commitment forms to the program school, we will review the number of committed students and then reevaluate the need of additional applicants. At that time, Rose Hardwick will make contact with the parent/student to discuss further arrangements.

Q: Is there an appeals process?

A: No, all decisions are final.

Q: How can I find out specifically how my child’s scores compared to other students’ scores?

A: Because we cannot discuss another student’s data with you, we cannot provide comparison of data; however, we can share how your child performed on standardized assessments and grades. Your middle school guidance counselor may also discuss your student’s information with you.

Q: Can a student apply as a rising 10th grader?

A: We do not accept students into the STEM program after the 9th grade year; however, AAST continues to offer the Career Majors program for 11th and 12th graders. It is possible for students to apply to attend AAST as a rising 11th grader.