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Our AAST FAQ Guide to Reopening!

Do I need to use the school device?

We are loading special programs on each school-issued device that students may need to access for their STEM elective class. We are not able to support technology issues from a device at home.  Students are not required to use the school-issued device but it may be helpful to have the school-issued device on hand. 

Can I bring a backpack to school?

We ask that our students not bring backpacks or book bags to school to help ensure a healthy and safe school environment for our students and staff. Textbooks are online and teachers are not asking students to bring in extra school supplies this year.  If it is absolutely necessary for a student to bring a bag in the school building, it should be clear and items brought to school should be limited. The contents of any clear bags should not include multiple non-clear bags. If a student brings a clear bag to school the student will have to assist with the search process of their bag. Classrooms will have additional school supplies for student use during this time. Most students should be able to carry a notebook and their device in their hands with smaller necessary items in a pocket. 

Can I bring sports equipment to school?

We have a system for storing sports equipment for those who ride the bus in the afternoon to practice. If a bag is necessary to bring to school, we ask that it be a clear bag and minimally packed. We will keep sports equipment locked in a room near the bus entry/exit throughout the day. Students can pick up the bag/equipment on their way to the bus at dismissal.

Can my child bring a water bottle to school?

Water bottles are encouraged. Our current guidelines support the use of our no-touch water refilling stations that we have in our school. We currently have 5 bottle refilling stations throughout the school so that students can refill their water bottles as needed.

I have an AAST A day / B day schedule, so I have 2 classes that meet during the 2nd block. How will this work if we are learning via a hybrid model?

If you come to school on Monday and Tuesday and are learning from home on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, then you will go to your A day class on Monday and your B day class on Tuesday. If you come to school on Wednesday and Thursday and are learning from home on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, then you will go to your A day class on Wednesday and your B day class on Thursday.

When does the school day begin and end?

AAST opens the building to students at 7:30 am. First block begins at 8:15 am. Students are expected to enter the building, go through the security checkpoint, and go directly to their first block class. All students should be in their first block class before 8:15 am. AAST student dismissal times will be staggered. Bus riders are dismissed at 2:40, drivers will be dismissed at 2:45, and car riders will be dismissed at 2:50. If your child is a car rider, please ensure that they are picked up before 3:15 each day. Our building must be cleared out in order for our custodial staff to properly disinfect the building each day.

Please be patient with the dismissal process. We will have everyone out of the parking lot by 3:15 each day.

What are the safety protocols in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

The health and safety of our students and staff is our number one priority. Here are a few ways we are helping to prevent the spread of covid 19 at AAST:

  • Students and staff should screen for symptoms of Covid 19 daily before coming to school. Symptoms include fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste and smell.

  • Stay home if you have tested positive for Covid-19, exhibit one or more of the symptoms of Covid 19, or have had close contact with a person with Covid 19. 

  • All Students and Staff will wear masks appropriately while in the building, in classrooms, in common areas, in hallways, entering and exiting the building.

  • We will practice social distancing in the building at all times- desks are arranged 6 feet apart in classrooms.

  • Students will not congregate in hallways, rotunda, cafeteria, and other common areas.

  • We have increased the placement of signage and floor markings to help with social distancing, hand washing, cleaning and sanitizing, and face mask usage.

  • We ask that while traveling in the building, all people stay to the right. Use the entry and exit doors on the right. 

  • There are additional dispensers of hand sanitizer around the school as well as in each classroom. 

  • Soap will be refilled in restrooms daily for increased handwashing

  • Visitors to our building will be limited. 

  • Rooms, restrooms, and common areas will be cleaned throughout the day and sanitized at the end of the school day.

What will Lunch look like this year?

  • Lunch will be served in the classroom. 

  • Students will be assigned a lunch block in addition to their academic blocks between 2nd and 3rd blocks. This time will also serve as our Advisory block where we will provide social and emotional support.  

  • Hot and cold lunch will be delivered to the classrooms by our cafeteria staff.

  • Orders will be placed for these items upon arrival to school. 

  • Microwave ovens are not available to students this year. 

What are the expectations for students during distance learning days?

  • Students must be present for distance learning for attendance and participation during the time the class is scheduled. If we are learning in a hybrid model, students learning from home will have directions from their teacher on how they will be counted for attendance and participation. Students must be present online on Fridays during hybrid learning during the class time.

  • Assignment due dates are not fluid. Teachers will clearly communicate due dates and students are expected to adhere to time limits for assignments. 

  • Students are expected to follow the AAST honor code at all times, during distance learning, hybrid learning, or face to face learning.

  • All teachers will hold office hours from 2:45 - 3:30 each day

  • Teachers will respond to emails from parents and students within 24 hours. If the email comes outside of the regular school day schedule, the teacher will respond on the following day.  

Can my child request a schedule change?

Schedule change requests will be considered on an individual basis. Because of the many schedule restraints due to hybrid instructional model and classroom space availability changes in students schedules may not be honored. Schedule changes may occur by administration as needed.

We appreciate our families and understand that these are difficult shifts from the conveniences of which we have become accustomed. We are hopeful that these safety guidelines will be temporary and that if we all do our best to adapt to these safety precautions our efforts will allow a quicker return to our normal procedures.