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SES Rules & Procedures

Morning Drop-off & Afternoon Pick-up

Safety of our children is very important to all of us at SES. In the mornings, parents may begin dropping children off at 7:00am when staff is on duty. It is a safety hazard to drop students off before 7:00am as there is no supervision until 7:00am. Please do not drop your child off and leave before 7:00am. Also, please remember that no parents should be parking in the staff parking lot and walking their children to the front door. If you'd like to park and escort your child to the front door, please utilize the visitor parking lot directly in front of the school.

We are continuing to improve the morning car line procedures. Our goal is to have all the students in the door before the tardy bell rings at 7:35am. This is important because the teachers on duty need to report inside the building to begin their first class. To reach this goal, we need help from our parents. Here are some ways you can help us reach this goal:

  • Pull all the way forward to the next available spot. This may not always be the stop closest to the door.
  • Allow your child to exit the car where you stop. (There are teachers on duty to monitor their safety as they walk down the sidewalk.)
  • Unload your child from the passenger side.
  • Please unlock the door to allow the children to exit.

We understand your frustrations, everyone has to be somewhere on time. We want our children to report to school on time, and parents to report to work on time. Holding up the car line can have a domino effect and cause lots of people to be unintentionally late. If you need to unbuckle a child or have uneasy feelings about allowing them to exit where you stop, you are welcome to park in the visitor parking lot and walk them to the door. Teachers are working very hard to unload the children quickly and they may not physically be able to open each car door, but they are monitoring all children’s safety. The traffic is the lightest from 7:00am-7:15am. This would be a great time to come.


For the safety of our students and courtesy to all, please keep the car line moving in the morning and afternoon. Just a reminder, if you do not have a car tag in the afternoon during car pick up, you will be asked to park and sign your child out in the main office. No children will be released to a car without a car tag in the afternoon.


If you need to exit your car to strap your child into a car seat, please park in our visitor parking lot so you do not hold up the car line for the rest of the parents picking up.


Parents picking up children late will receive a warning. After the warning, students will be sent to Shark Watch and a fee will be assigned. Please be on time to pick your children up as school is dismissed at 2:30pm.


Again, we appreciate all the courtesy and patience you show to one another and our staff in the car lines.


Car Riders in the Afternoon

THERE IS NO OFFICE PICKUP. Exceptions will be made for doctor, dentist, etc. appointments. The student will need to be signed out by 2:00pm. We do not interrupt classes during the last 25 minutes of the day as this is the time homework and notices to go home are given out as well as any special instructions for the next day. You will need to send a note to school if your child is going to be picked up by 2:00pm.

Changes in Transportation Home

To ensure the safety of our students, all transportation changes must be made in writing. Phone calls or messages from friends or relatives cannot be honored. Anyone signing a student out must be listed on the child's emergency card or have prior written notice.