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SES Rules & Procedures

2019 - 2020 Morning Drop-off

When it comes to our students, safety is our priority. For the 2019- 2020 school year, we will be utilizing the ENTIRE circle in the front of the school. If your car comes to a stop adjacent to the sidewalk, your child(ren) need to exit the vehicle; please pull ALL the way forward. There will be plenty of staff on duty outside to supervise them as they enter the building. This will allow our drop-off line to move quickly and efficiently and we appreciate your anticipated support. In addition, parents will need to refrain from parking in the visitor parking lot and walking their child(ren) across the drop-off line. Not only is this a safety concern, but it also holds up our line from moving efficiently. Our security officer will be stationed in the parking lot to remind parents of this request. Only parents that have meetings or students with health concerns should be parking and walking through the drop-off line.

Make-up Days for Hurricane Dorian

Horry County schools were closed September 3 - 6, 2019 following an executive order issued by Governor Henry McMaster to allow citizens to evacuate from Hurricane Dorian. These four instructional days will be made up utilizing make-up days designated on the 2019-2020 student calendar.

Students will now attend school on the following days:

• Monday, October 14, 2019 (already made up)
• Tuesday, October 15, 2019 (already made up)
• Friday, January 17, 2020*
• Tuesday, February 18, 2020

* January 16 was previously designated as a school day with a 2½ hour early dismissal. Students will now attend school for a full day on January 16. January 17 was previously designated as a student holiday and is now a make-up day with a 2½ hour early dismissal. With these changes to the student calendar, the grading period for first semester now ends on January 17.

February 17 is designated as a possible make-up day on the student calendar and may be used if the District experiences an additional school closure. Presently, February 17 remains a student holiday and a workday/staff development day for teachers.


Bus Conduct

The bus driver has responsibility for supervision of all students on his/her bus. He/she may stop the bus at any time that misbehavior or threatened misbehavior offers a hazard to safe driving. In addition to disciplining students according to the District’s Behavior Code procedures, upon the recommendation of the bus driver or supervisor(s) of transportation, the principal may suspend a student from riding the bus.


  • On the first offense, not to include sex, drugs, weapons, or serious bodily injury, the student may be suspended from riding the bus only until his/her parents come to the school and have a conference with the principal.
  • A second offense may result in a suspension for up to five school days.
  • A third offense may result in a suspension for up to 10 school days.
  • A fourth offense may result in a suspension for up to 15 school days.
  • A fifth offense may result in a loss of bus riding privileges for the remainder of the school year. These guidelines may be adjusted based on the seriousness of the offense.

Changes in Transportation Home

To ensure the safety of our students, all transportation changes must be made in writing. Phone calls or messages from parents, friends, or relatives cannot be honored. Anyone signing a student out must be listed on the child's emergency card or have prior written notice.


Car Riders in the Afternoon

THERE IS NO OFFICE PICKUP. Exceptions will be made for doctor, dentist, etc. appointments. The student will need to be signed out by 2:00pm. We do not interrupt classes during the last 25 minutes of the day as this is the time homework and notices to go home are given out as well as any special instructions for the next day. You will need to send a note to school if your child is going to be picked up by 2:00pm.