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SES Rules & Procedures

2019 - 2020 Morning Drop-off

When it comes to our students, safety is our priority. For the 2019- 2020 school year, we will be utilizing the ENTIRE circle in the front of the school. If your car comes to a stop adjacent to the sidewalk, your child(ren) need to exit the vehicle; please pull ALL the way forward. There will be plenty of staff on duty outside to supervise them as they enter the building. This will allow our drop-off line to move quickly and efficiently and we appreciate your anticipated support. In addition, parents will need to refrain from parking in the visitor parking lot and walking their child(ren) across the drop-off line. Not only is this a safety concern, but it also holds up our line from moving efficiently. Our security officer will be stationed in the parking lot to remind parents of this request. Only parents that have meetings or students with health concerns should be parking and walking through the drop-off line.

Late Arrivals

School begins PROMPTLY at 7:35am. Students should already be seated in their classrooms at this time. Therefore, when our front doors close at 7:35am, parents MUST walk their children into the main office and sign them in. Under no circumstances should students be walking into school by themselves. Also, just a reminder that the large parking lot adjacent to our gymnasium is for staff parking only. Parents and students are not permitted to drop-off in this parking lot. Thank you to everyone that follows our morning drop-off procedures correctly to ensure the safety of ALL of our students!

Changes in Transportation Home

To ensure the safety of our students, all transportation changes must be made in writing. Phone calls or messages from parents, friends, or relatives cannot be honored. Anyone signing a student out must be listed on the child's emergency card or have prior written notice.