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We Compost At SES!

Socastee will be implementing a composting program in our cafeteria. This is actually a commercial-scale organics collection program where we will be diverting all of the food waste and other compostable material in our cafeterias and kitchens from the landfill to be made into compost at the Horry County Solid Waste Authority’s composting facility.

Like recyclable plastic and aluminum, organic waste has a useful life beyond just our plates and trays. By collecting all of this material, we save significant space in the landfill, reduce our landfill trash hauling services, manage our waste in more efficient and effective ways, and promote environmental literacy among our students. Nearly everyone in our school will generate some amount of waste in our cafeterias every day. By adding a compost cart in our cafeterias, we can create an interactive learning experience for our students where they sort their food waste, recyclable materials, and landfill trash.

We cannot wait for our students to learn how important it is to help our environment!