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Military Opt Out

Military Opt-Out Form

Upon request, federal laws require public school districts to provide military recruiters the names, addresses and telephone numbers of high school juniors and seniors. If you wish for your child’s information to be withheld from the list released to recruiters, please visit Horry County Schools’ website and complete an online Military Opt-Out Form. Requests are valid for one year and must be resubmitted, annually. Without a request to opt-out of releasable data, contact information will be provided to military recruiters on or about November 1 each year.

If online access is unavailable, a written request may be submitted via fax at 843.488.6779 or mailed to Horry County Schools, Office of Communications, 335 Four Mile Road, Conway, SC 29526. Written submissions should be identified as a Military Opt-Out Request and must include the student’s name, the high school the student attends, the student’s date of birth, year of graduation, and the printed name and signature of the parent or guardian submitting the request.

Click here for the Military Opt-Out Form 

For more information:

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