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Save The Date "World Changer Workshop" Boosterthon Is Coming....

Welcome to World Changer Workshop!
World Changer Workshop takes place at a seemingly normal but secretly magical makerspace. It follows 3 kids who are faced with a huge challenge - Can they change the world? If they don’t, a magical power source at the workshop could set off a world-wide cataclysmic chain reaction. Thankfully, there are past workshoppers who will teach them the steps to making a difference: find a need, write a plan, rally a team, launch their plan and grit it out! But, did we mention…they have one week to do it?

The St James Dolphin Fun Run | Save the Dates

Our St James Dolphin Fun Run fundraiser is kicking off soon! Lookout for more information in the coming weeks. For now, mark your calendars with these key dates!



Register on MYBOOSTER.COM - Any student who registers before 4/16, can wear a hat to school on Kickoff Day!

● St James Dolphin Fun Run Kickoff - 04/16/2024

● Event Day - 04/24/2024

8:00 AM - 8:45 AM- 3rd & 4th grades

9:30 AM- PK (AM), CD & K grades

10:30AM- 1st & 2nd grades(incl Casey Class)

11:30 AM- PK(PM) (mini run)