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Myrtle Beach Rotary Club honors Myrtle Beach area Teachers of the Year

The newly-selected Teachers of the Year from our six Myrtle Beach area schools were honored today at the Myrtle Beach Rotary Club’s weekly luncheon meeting. Teachers of the Year from the schools were joined by their principals and their names were added to plaques bearing the names of teachers who formerly earned the same honor. Rotarian and former Horry County School Board member, Mary Ellen Greene and Myrtle Beach Rotary Club president Rigby Wilson, presided over the program.

Teachers honored were:

  • MB Primary, April Aziz (Kindergarten)
  • MB Elementary, Shannon Sommers (3rd Grade)
  • MB Intermediate, Betsy Meccia (4th Grade)
  • MB Middle, Ellen Alessi (6th Grade English, Language Arts)
  • MB High, Thomas Glenn, (Journalism)
  • Academy for the Arts, Science, and Technology, Mindi Penn (Freshman Seminar)