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Continuing Education Workshop for Horry County Schools' Visual Arts Teachers

Seacoast Artists Guild to Sponsor Continuing Education Workshop for Horry County Schools' Visual Art Teachers

The Seacoast Artists Guild (SAG) is pleased to announce it is sponsoring a special continuing education workshop for Horry County School Visual Arts Teachers. This very special class will cover the history and culture of the Gullah people and how they have influenced our area. There will be 74 Visual Arts Teachers in attendance – representing all Horry County Schools and the Seacoast Artists Guild Members. The two-session workshop will be taught by Pawley’s Island, Gullah artist, Zenobia Harper – it will be held on August 13, 2019 and held at Ten Oaks Middle School, 150 Revolutionary War Way.

All Horry County teachers are required to attend continuing education classes during the summer months – SAG is pleased to offer this particularly special one to be taught by Ms Harper. The  workshop’s schedule will be as follows:

- Morning: will cover the history and culture of the Gullah people and how they have influenced our area.

- Afternoon: will be a make & take Gullah doll workshop. Zenobia will demonstrate how the dolls came about and how to make a small doll in the style of Gullah.

Here is information about Zenobia Harper the Seacoast Artists Guild & Gallery.

Zenobia Harper

The dolls that Zenobia creates  are a celebration of the lives of the many amazing women that have influenced her. Although each doll is one of a kind, they all share a common thread, they are all ambassadors of the Gullah culture. Within their chocolate brown and ebony forms, their fabrics, beads, and feathers, each doll is created to tell stories of survival, triumph, and love... Stories of Gullah people. 

 "My community is rich with wise women, healers, warriors, and black butterfly dancers. My dolls pay respect and homage to the women that raised and continue to nurture me. Each one says thank you for keeping me grounded in a culture that is both my resting and rejuvenating place, my home, my self."

Living in Georgetown, South Carolina, Zenobia is a full time Mother, and Artist. She is an Artist in Residence with the South Carolina Art Commission. Her artwork is featured in numerous g alleries , and is enjoyed in many private art collections.

Seacoast Artists Guild & Gallery

The Seacoast Artists Guild of South Carolina, Inc. is a local non-profit arts organization with members hailing from all over the Carolinas.

The Guild is dedicated to advancing excellence in the visual arts through teaching, exhibits, workshops and special events. The Guild seeks to stimulate increased awareness of art and its benefits throughout the area and in the state of South Carolina.

Our Artists Guild was established by a group of artists interested in sharing their love of the arts with others in the coastal area. Seacoast is dedicated to bringing opportunities to its members through art exhibits, art sales, workshops and more.  As a part of the mission, the Guild works to open possibilities for those who cannot afford to take art lessons and nurture their skills.  They also strive to reach the youth of the area through the visual arts.


You can find more information about the Seacoast Artists Guild & Gallery at The gallery is located at 3032 Nevers Street, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577.