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The Latest Message from our Principal

Hello Parents and Students,


We have had a very busy past few days with the advancement of digital learning (eLearning).  Teachers have not only been monitoring their Google Classrooms and communicating with students about their work; they have been receiving training about digital platforms that will enhance student learning that will allow instruction to take place at home.


With the Governor’s extension of schools to be closed through the end of April, it has increased the importance of this new process of learning to take place.  I cannot emphasize to you enough that students and parents must embrace this new style of learning.  Sometimes new concepts are met with hesitation or it can even cause anxiety.  We have support teams in place to assist students and parents so that this does not become a barrier.

The district’s initial plan for this type of instruction was for ten school days with an option to make up work upon returning to school.  With the Governor’s extension of school closures, waiting until school buildings reopen is no longer an option. Students must participate daily as it is described in their teacher’s Google Classroom.  If home internet access is an issue, HTC and Spectrum have both indicated free assistance in this area during this state of emergency.  We will also provide and receive completed hard copies of teacher assignments each Friday at our school building with an appointment if needed.  Call the school and leave a message or communicate to us through our social media outlets if you need this type of assistance.


Parent portal is open so parents and students may now follow along with student progress.  Teachers have been instructed to reach out to each of their students to help ensure that they have what is needed to participate in their class.  Failure to turn in assignments from the 3rd quarter will be recorded as a zero if teachers do not receive the work by this Friday, March 27th.  New instruction for the fourth quarter is now taking place.


Other school events and topics will be covered on a weekly basis.  We will utilize all of our social media outlets to communicate this information.  Please follow us on our Facebook and Website as well as all of Horry County School District social media outlets.


We hope that you and your family stay healthy and safe during these times.




Jayson Powers

Principal at the Academy for Technology and Academics