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Jennah Bolland - March Employee Spotlight

Jennah Boland is our Intake Specialist in Conway.  Even though she is an award-winning Cosmetologist, she chooses to work with us and we are so glad she does!  Although she does admit that she will always have a place in her heart for a pair of scissors! Jennah says that her biggest accomplishments are her children, Zander and Sullivan and that her only hobby is #Parenting.  Jennah works in Adult Education because someone near and dear to her heart attended Horry County Adult Education and thanks to that second chance she can see what they have achieved now. That personal experience gives her purpose to help our students in every way possible so that they can reach that next goal. She says, “Everyone deserves a support system to keep them motivated!”  

Jennah states that Sherri Todd was her most inspirational teacher because she taught her to appreciate her individual value and to take pride in the work that she does. Jennah adds, “I carry that thought process with me even now. It makes me work harder so that I can be proud of the things I accomplish!” We are so honored to have Jennah at Horry County Schools Adult Education.  Her humor, kindness, willingness to assist others, and work ethic is invaluable at our school and we are so thankful that she is a member of our family!