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State Testing Date Information

Testing Dates

ELA TDA Field Test (3rd & 4th Grade Only) - April 7th
SC READY Reading Test (3rd & 4th Grade Only) - May 10th
SC READY Writing Test (3rd & 4th Grade Only) - May 11th
SC READY Math Test (3rd & 4th Grade Only) - May 17th
SC PASS Science Test (4th Grade Only) - May 19th

Tips for preparing students and parents: 

  • It is very important to get to school on time.
  • Doctor’s appointments and other out-of-school functions should not be scheduled during testing hours.
  • Students may not be in possession of ANY electronic device(s) during the test administration that can be used for communicating, recording, timing, creating images, or storing images with the exception of necessary medical devices. All devices will be collected by the teacher and returned after each test session is completed.