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Artome Message From Mr. Chichester

Good Afternoon CFE Parents,
As you come to CFE next week during your designated times to collect your child’s belongings, you will notice that there is one of your child’s artworks attached to a paper similar to the one seen in this posting. This paper had been prepared with your child’s work to be sent off to Artome for framing and then returned to CFE, for our now canceled art show, originally scheduled for April 29th. As in recent years, this artwork would have been framed and displayed, by the Artome company at CFE for the art show. Parents and guardians of each child would have been able to purchase the framed artworks of their child. 
If you should decide that you would like to purchase a frame for your child’s art show selected artwork, then you may go to the following link to purchase the frame:…/products/art-show-frame 
There will be a representative available on weekdays until 5pm to discuss and take an order for you. They will discuss with you the cost and shipping. It would be shipped directly to you. 
This service is entirely optional and the CFE Art Department will not receive any percentage of the sales this year. Our goal in this message is to provide you with this opportunity to have the frame should you decide you would like to display this artwork among your child’s creations from years past.
Thank you for your continued support and we wish you all a safe, refreshing, healthy, and creative summer. 
Your CFE Visual Art Department