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WIN Test Coming Up - Click here for more info!

The WIN test is coming soon!

The S.C. Career Readiness Assessment (WIN test) will be given on March 28, 2023 to ALL of our 3rd year students. HCS will pay for stu-dents to take the test and the test will be given during the school day. Our 3rd year students will receive several emails about the test and test day procedures, so check your HCS email frequently. All stu-dents are required to take this assessment by the SC Dept. of Ed.

The Career Readiness Assessment (which is sponsored by WIN Learning) measures the actual skills required for success in the workplace, helps measure the workplace skills that can affect job performance and therefore increase opportunities for advancement. Students will be able to print a Ready to Work certificate and an Essential Soft Skills certificate to bring to a potential employer.

Students must bring their Latitudes, fully charged, and a charger on test day and report to their test rooms by 8:20am. All students who are taking the test will be allowed early release when the test con-cludes, with parent permission. Forms will be available to students in the front of each House.
More information to come by email!