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CFHS Prom Info 2024

A Black Tie Affair
CFHS Prom 2024

Dear Juniors, Seniors, and Parents,
We are excited that your prom has finally arrived! We hope this will be an occasion that generates many happy
memories for you. The event will be held on the 28th of March, 8pm until 12am at Marina Inn Grande Dunes
in Myrtle Beach. Plan to eat at prom; we will serve heavy hors d' oeuvres all evening.

Please Read All Information Below

Tickets will not be sold to or for any student who owes fees to the school. You can check your fees and
make payments online at and . Students are
responsible for keeping a copy of their receipt(s) until they receive their prom ticket in case payment
verification is needed. Students will not receive their tickets on the day of prom is they owe fees.

Juniors and Seniors may purchase 2 tickets at the weekly rate. A junior or senior must meet the eligibility
requirements (see below) in order to purchase their ticket(s), and the purchaser must be able to provide proof of
eligibility for their guest -- all attendees will be verified.

Any tickets purchased under fraudulent terms or conditions can and will be revoked at any time.

Tickets will be sold solely (ONLY) through
There are a limited number of tickets available for prom, so please plan to purchase a ticket quickly or start a payment plan as soon as possible.

Tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis to ensure all students have an equal opportunity to attend this event. If prom tickets sell out, a Google Form wil be used to establish a waitlist for students. This information will be communicated via email, so students are encouraged to check their school email regularly.

Prom contracts will be completed digitally through

Tickets will be available as follows:
February 5 to February 11 @ $50.00
February 12 to February 18 @ $60.00
February 19 to February 25 @ $70.00
February 26 to March 3 @ $80.00
March 4 to March 10 @ $90.00
March 11 to March 15 @ $100.00

*Please note that the final week of ticket sales ends Friday, March 15th at 11:59pm. No Exceptions.
No tickets will be sold or changes made after this deadline.

No refunds will be given.

Prom Week -  No Sales, No Changes

Payment Plan Information
If you wish to set up a payment plan to secure your prom tickets, please review the following information:
• A minimum of $10 per ticket (maximum 2 tickets) is required to start the payment plan.
•The total price of your ticket will be equal to the weekly rate at the time your payment plan begins.
•To continue a payment plan, you must make consistent payments of at least $10 per ticket per week. Failure to make consistent payments will result in the loss of tickets.
•All payments made toward payment plans will be made on and are nonrefundable.
•Payment plans must be paid in full no later than Friday, March 15th.

Eligibility Requirements:
*You must submit the name of your guest when you complete your contract on Please note, no changes will be made once your contract has been submitted.
*All guests must be at least in 9th grade to attend; guests ages 21 and up are not permitted.
*The ticket purchaser is responsible for their guest and all behavior thereof.
*Guests must be in good standing with the public school system. Students who have been expelled, are attending SOAR Academy, etc. are not eligible to attend.
*Homebound and Home-Based students are not able to attend prom in any capacity; students who are homeschooled may attend as a guest if they meet other eligibility requirements.
*January completers are ineligible to purchase a prom ticket; however, they may attend as a guest.
*Ticket purchaser and guest must have a picture ID to enter the prom. Acceptable forms of ID include driver’s license or permit, state ID card, school ID, or a printed copy of your picture & name from PowerSchool. No exceptions will be made.
*Ticket purchaser must arrive & sign in with their guest. The guest must match the name submitted through MyPaymentsPlus. Admission will be denied to anyone who is not listed in our database.
*If a student chooses to leave the prom, they may not re-enter and their guest must leave as well.
*No Refunds for any payments will be given. – a contract has been signed based on occupancy.
*Ticket purchasers will receive the tickets they have purchased during 2nd block on the day of prom; students are not authorized to sell, trade, or in any way exchange a ticket.
*Prom contracts will be completed digitally through

All prom issues must be handled with Mrs. Perry in A103 before Friday, March 15th, 2024.
Please come before school, during lunch (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday), or after school.
Please do not interrupt Mrs. Perry’s class with a prom issue. You may also contact her via email:

On prom day, students must attend at least two blocks of school for eligibility to attend the prom. An HGTC class counts as a block as well, and if students only have one class in their schedule, they must attend that class. Tickets and early dismissal passes will be given out at the end of second block on March 28th. Ticket purchasers attending program schools will receive their tickets on March 28th at their school; these students should speak with administration at their school for more specific information regarding ticket distribution.

Early Dismissal:
*If students plan to leave school early on the day of prom, the early dismissal form located in the front of each house must be signed and returned to A103 after tickets have been purchased.
*No early dismissal forms will be accepted after Friday, March 22nd.
*Students should place this form in the file holder on the wall outside of Mrs. Perry’s room.
*A parent can always send a note or physically come to CF & sign a student out the day of prom as well.
*Each guest will need their own early dismissal form turned in.
*If students choose to leave early, this is an unexcused absence, so please plan accordingly.

We hope that all the preparation that has been made will ensure that students will have a safe, wonderful evening. If you should have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Mrs. Perry in A103.

Gaye Driggers, Principal

CFHS Prom Sponsors: Amy Perry, Morgan Bane, Kristen Kilheeney, Delanie Lewis, Kaycee Baransky, Ann Twigg, Alexis McNabb, Victoria Moore


2024 Prom Contract 2-5-24