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AAST Successfully Completes Cognia STEM Recertification



The Academy for the Arts, Science & Technology (AAST) has completed the renewal process for STEM recertification with Cognia. AAST is an Cognia STEM certified school committed to preparing its students to be college and career-ready global citizens by fostering creativity, innovation, systematic problem-solving, and critical thinking through participation in rigorous and authentically collaborative academic and career experiences.

In order to earn STEM certification, AAST had to demonstrate adherence to the Cognia STEM framework as reflected by the school’s performance across 16 STEM standards. The certification process provides an evaluation and continuous improvement process supported by research-based tools and resources. Cognia’s STEM certification reviewers examined classroom projects, professional development programs for faculty members, school-wide ventures, and extracurricular offerings that exemplified quality STEM education and real-world integration. Reviewers also interviewed key stakeholders such as school administrators, STEM faculty and staff, parents, students, and community partners.