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No Tax Increase Required to Fund Horry County Schools in FY 2022

Board of education boardroom photographThe Horry County Board of Education gave unanimous approval to the 2021-2022 Superintendent’s Comprehensive Budget on June 7, 2021. The $767.1 million budget, which funds the school district’s general operating costs such as salaries, utilities, maintenance, and instructional support, does not call for a tax increase. Additional revenue needed to meet the approved budget included the utilization of $20 million of the unassigned fund balance. The projected fund balance on June 30, 2021, for the General Fund, is expected to be $135.8 million. This amount maintains the Board’s established minimum fund balance of 15% and provides adequate reserves for 2021-2022.

Since the approval of Act 388 in 2006, school districts no longer receive operational property taxes from owner-occupied homes.  As a result, local revenue is primarily generated by property taxes levied on business, industry, and vehicles. Notable highlights in the budget include:

  • The full implementation of the Comprehensive Employee Compensation Study was approved. The study reviewed approximately 6,235 positions and 203 job titles within the school district. The classification of positions was evaluated with regard to the level of complexity, responsibility, and knowledge to determine proper placement within the new salary structure. In addition, a comparison to relevant markets/competitors was conducted, and recommendations were developed for a competitive classification and compensation structure with several corresponding implementation options.
  • HCS teachers will receive a 2020-21 teacher step reinstatement and a $1,000 salary increase in teacher salaries mandated by the State. The $1,000 salary increase also includes speech therapists, occupational/physical therapists, orientation/mobility instructors, audiologists, psychologists, and school nurses.
  • All employees will receive a compensation increase either through the impact of the study, the application of a step increase, and/or the $1,000 increase in teacher salaries as mandated by the State.
  • An increase in substitute salaries. 
  • An additional Assistant Principal position was added for Loris High School, three additional athletic trainers for high schools with multiple feeder programs were added, and the Director of District Athletics position was reactivated.

The expenditure side of the General Fund budget supports salaries and benefits for 3,693 professional positions and 1,774.5 classified positions. 86.3% of the entire operating budget is dedicated to employee compensation (salaries and benefits). The remaining 13.7% is committed to purchasing supplies, materials, utilities, technology, the payment to public charter schools, and other operational expenditures.