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Two HCS Teachers Named “Extraordinary Educators”

extraordinary educators by curriculum associates graphicJanuary 5, 2023

Heather Levine, a math teacher at Green Sea Floyds Middle and High School, and Raheem Robinson, a math teacher at Whittemore Park Middle School, have both been named “Extraordinary Educators” as part of the Curriculum Associates Extraordinary Educators program. Curriculum Associates is an education company that develops instructional and diagnostic solutions for teachers. Their Extraordinary Educators program celebrates best-in-class teachers who meet the following requirements:

  • Have taught for at least two years
  • Have experience using i-Ready® and/or Ready® (programs created by Curriculum Associates) in their classrooms
  • Illustrate growth and achievement via formal assessment(s)
  • Demonstrate classroom innovation and engagement practices for students     
  • Are evangelists for high standards and student achievement
  • Are champions of equity

This year, 31 teachers from across the United States earned this distinction, but Levine and Robinson were the only ones from South Carolina. Curriculum Associates asked the teachers two questions about their classroom and their use of data. Here are their answers:

Describe your classroom culture in three words.

  • Levine: Encouraging, Inclusive, Collaborative

  • Robinson: Relationship, Synergy, Purpose

Describe your motto on data-driven instruction. Consider how you use i‑Ready or other data.

  • Levine: Data-driven instruction is key to helping the students become the best learners that they can be. Through analyzing the data, I can make informed decisions about what steps need to be taken to help improve my teaching, which in turn will best help the students.

  • Robinson: I believe that a person's teaching method/style should be based on data. Fortunately, i-Ready has given me plethora forms of data to receive insight concerning my students in the end results in students receiving personalized education.

HCS wants to congratulate these two outstanding teachers for this accomplishment and thank them for their fantastic work with our students.