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(AAST) wins award for the national 2018 AGS-TeachOSM Great County Mapping Challenge

American geographical society The American Geographical Society (AGS) recently announced that Mr. Evan Sellers, a geography teacher at the Academy for the Arts, Science & Technology (AAST), and his class, have won the Highest Quality Contributions Award for the national 2018 AGS-TeachOSM Great County Mapping Challenge. Mr. Sellers and his class achieved the highest overall quality edits and contributions and made the fewest mistakes among all of the teacher/student competitors in the contest.

The 2018 AGS-Teach OpenStreetMap (TeachOSM) Great County Mapping Challenge is nationwide geography mapping contest open to AGS geography teacher fellows and their students across the U.S. Using OpenStreetMap as the platform, student competitors map public buildings in their school’s county, contributing to OSM’s worldwide database. OpenStreetMap is one of the world’s leading databases for geographical and geospatial data. Information from OpenStreetMap is widely used by researchers, municipalities, humanitarian organizations, and governmental agencies which need accurate and extensive geospatial data.