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HCS Participates in Year 3 of eLearning Pilot Program

Sc education Today, the Education Oversight Committee (EOC) announced that 27 additional school districts, including Horry County Schools, have been approved to use eLearning days for school make-up days during the next school year, bringing the total of districts to 42. Additionally, 16 school districts are entering the program as Readiness Districts, interested school districts who are still building the capacity necessary for full implementation of eLearning.

The pilot project, which is entering into Year 3, examines the use of eLearning when schools are forced to close (or separate students from the physical space) for short periods of time, in cases of inclement weather, utility emergencies, out of school suspension or student illness. This year, the EOC is collaborating with the SC Department of Education given the work that the SCDE has done with districts and schools due to the closure of schools in March. SCDE staff has assisted the EOC in choosing the eLearning districts. Both agencies will be providing support and coordinating technical assistance to Year 3 and Readiness Districts.

The list of eLearning districts by year of approval can be viewed at