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Baseball Practice Calendar & Info

Baseball information update:
To All Prospects,
I have attached the new and updated calendar that we will be using for the winter practice days that we are allotted. I have made some changes as you can see. We will begin officially working out on January 2nd. There are a lot of reasons for this change.
At this point, our rye grass seed was just put down and they are keeping it soaking wet to help the seed germinate better. The water they are putting down, coupled with the rain has it soaked. So we will begin our practices on January 2nd and will plan to go thru January 23rd. From January 23rd thru January 27th is a closed season for all Spring Sports. Tryouts for JV and Varsity (this will include and 7th and 8th grader interested in playing JV) will begin on January 28th at 4:00. You must have all information uploaded in Arbiter Athlete. B-team Baseball tryouts will be held on February 11th, at 5:30 at Conway High School Baseball Field. Again, all paperwork must be completed in order to tryout.
On January 2nd we will begin and place an emphasis on getting our pitchers and catchers ready for the season. We will start conditioning and throwing at that time. The plan is to do so after school, but there may be some mornings that we come in and throw before school starts. Example, if it’s wet and cold, we may come in and throw bullpens in the mini gym to help get our arms ready for the season. We will also begin working with hitters and fielders during this time. So everybody should be ready to go on January 2nd.
If you would like to hit, we are in an open season so you are allowed to come out and hit in the cages should you chose to do so. None of our coaches can be here, or it counts as one of our practice days. If you come out, please make sure that you take care of the baseballs, the cages, and everything else. Please do not get on the game field at any point for no reason. No hitting, throwing, or ground balls should take place on our field until further notice.
Last, take care of your grades and make sure that you have all paperwork in and ready to go. If you need me, let me know. I’m a phone call away. Let’s get ready to get to work and have a big year.
Coach Carroll
January Practice Calendar:
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