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Tips for the metal detector and book bag search line!

All CMS Tigers will go through metal detectors and a bag search each day they enter the building.  The process is to ensure the safety of all students and school employees. 

Students who adhere to the following suggestions will make the search process run smoothly each morning:

  • Only pack the necessities that are needed for the day.  Teachers must be able to see through to the bottom of the bookbag.  If the bookbags are full, all the contents will be removed to see all parts of the bag.  Students are responsible for repacking their items.
  • Organize items to make it easier to see the bottom of the bag.
  • Condense bags within bags because each item will be searched.
  • Keep bookbags cleaned out and free of trash and clutter.
  • Refer to the Student Handbook about items that should NOT be brought to school, including:
    • perfume/cologne/body sprays
    • scissors
    • metal eating untinsils
    • medication of any kind  (unless approved by the school nurse), including over-the-counter medicine
    • excessive amounts of food, gum or snacks