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Red Ribbon Week

Dear Parents/Guardians,


We are getting ready for Red Ribbon Week (October 23-31) but we will participate Oct. 25-29! At school, students will engage in activities that promote a drug-free and healthy lifestyle.


Red Ribbon Week is a national celebration that promotes and encourages students to choose to be Drug-Free. We set our goals high to be the best we can be and also show good character by staying Drug-Free.


Below you will find the dates listed with each activity for each day.


Oct. 25- You Can't Hide Great Character: Staff and Scholars will wear to school (camo hats are allowed)

Oct. 26- It's Red Ribbon Day: Scholars and Staff will wear red to school

Oct. 27- Don't Fall to Drugs: Scholars and Staff can dress in their favorite Fall colors 

Oct. 28- Don't Rest, Fight Drugs: Scholars and Staff will wear pajamas to school

Oct. 29- My Team Fights Drugs: Scholars and Staff will dress in school colors or favorite team wear