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Red Ribbon Week

Dear Parents/Guardians,


We are getting ready for Red Ribbon Week (October 23-31) but we will participate Oct. 26-30! At school, students will engage in activities that promote a drug free and healthy lifestyle.


Red Ribbon Week is a national celebration that promotes and encourages students to choose to be drug free. We set our goals high to be the best we can be and also show good character by staying Drug Free.


Below you will find the dates listed with each activity for each day.


Oct. 26- You Can't Hide Great Character: Staff and Scholars will wear to school (camo hats are allowed)

Oct. 27- It's Red Ribbon Day: Scholars and Staff will wear red to school

Oct. 28- Don't Rest, Fight Drugs: Scholars and Staff will wear pajamas to school

Oct. 29- Don't Fall to Drugs: Scholars and Staff can dress in their favorite Fall colors

Oct. 30- My Team Fights Drugs: Scholars and Staff will dress in school colors or favorite team wear