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Horry County Schools Receive $270,000 Arts Grants

The South Carolina Department of Education awarded 15 Horry County Schools a Distinguished Arts Program Grant for the 2021-2022 school year. Under the State’s Art Curricular Innovation Grants (ACIG), the Distinguished Arts Program Grant (DAP Grant) is an $18,000 award that will be used to implement new learning and enhance existing programs by providing necessary training, equipment, and technology that will benefit all students participating in Fine Arts. Congratulations to Homewood Elementary, Myrtle Beach Early Childhood, St. James Elementary, Waterway Elementary, Aynor Middle, Black Water Middle,  Forestbrook Middle, Myrtle Beach Middle, St. James Middle, Conway High, Green Sea Floyds High, Loris High, Myrtle Beach High, North Myrtle Beach High, and St. James High on their grant awards.

The South Carolina Department of Education’s Art Curricular Innovation Grants (ACIG) assists schools and districts in developing and implementing arts initiatives that support quality arts education programs that significantly improve student achievement in the arts. DAP grants provide funds for one-year projects.