Myrtle Beach Area School Changes 2019-20

Posted by Carrie Smith on 8/13/2019

MB Area School Changes

  • Myrtle Beach Area Elementary Schools Reconfiguration 2019-20

    Beginning in August 2019, Myrtle Beach area elementary schools serving Child Development through 5th grade will be reconfigured to optimize school facilities and accommodate growth.

    When the new Myrtle Beach Middle School opened in 2018, a major renovation project began to convert the former middle school into a modernized facility to serve the needs and instructional programs for students in grades 3-5. This change allowed feeder schools to realign the grades served at each location in a way that supports teacher collaboration and maximizes space.

    The former Myrtle Beach Intermediate School facility will be closed, and likely repurposed to benefit the Myrtle Beach area community of schools. The elementary reconfiguration does not affect students who will be in grades 6-12.

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  • New grade configurations for the 2019-20 school year 













Child Development and Kindergarten


Myrtle Beach Early Childhood School



Principal: Christel Arnette
612 29th Avenue North
(843) 448-1658



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1st and 2nd Grade



Myrtle Beach Primary



Principal: Michelle Greene-Graham
620 29th Avenue North
(843) 448-1774



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3rd, 4th and 5th Grade



Myrtle Beach Elementary



Principal: Kristie Hamilton
950 Seahawk Way
(843) 626-5831



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6th, 7th and 8th Grade



Myrtle Beach Middle 



Principal: Dr. Janice Christy
3101 North Oak Street
(843) 448-3932



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9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Grade



Myrtle Beach High 



Principal: Zack McQuigg
3302 Robert Grissom Parkway
(843) 448-7149



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  • Myrtle Beach Area Schools Reconfiguration Map

    Myrtle Beach Area Schools Map